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The National Drug Treatment Monitoring System (NDTMS) relates to the process of collecting, collating and analysing information from and for those involved in the drug treatment sector. The NDTMS is a development of the Regional Drug Misuse Databases (RDMDs), which have been in place since the late 1980s.

All drug treatment agencies must provide a basic level of information to the NDTMS on their activities each month - known as the core data set. The NTA have produced a number of documents that provide technical guidance for managers of treatment services on what core data items must be provided, plus guidance for IT managers on how to develop systems to manage this process.


In January 2008, it was announced that from 1 April 2008 all alcohol treatment agencies will be asked to submit data to NDTMS on clients receiving specialist treatment for alcohol misuse. This will not include Tier 2 and unstructured alcohol treatment, or treatment in other parts of the NHS for secondary complications arising out of the misuse of alcohol (e.g. treatment for liver disease). Data will be collected from General Practice where specialist care is provided under enhanced contracts to address alcohol misuse.

Core Data Set 'G'
Core Data Set DocumentsFrom April 2009From April 2010
NDTMS Core Data Set - Business Definition for adult services Version 6.1.1 Version 7.0.1
NATMS Core Data Set - Business Definition for Adult Alcohol Treatment Providers Version 6.1.1 Version 7.0.2
NDTMS Core Data Set - Guidance for Adult Alcohol Treatment Providers Version 6.0.0
NDTMS Core Data Set – Business Definition for Young People's Treatment Providers Version 6.1.4 Version 7.0.2
NDTMS Core Data Set - Young Persons Services Guidance Version 6.1.3
NDTMS Core Data Set - Reference Data Version 6.2.2 Version 7.0.3
NDTMS Core Data Set - Technical Definition Version 6.1.1 Version 7.0.2
NDTMS CSV Input File Format Version 6.0.0 Version 7.0.1
NDTMS Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) Version 2.0
NDTMS New Discharge Codes Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) Version 1.0
NDTMS TOP Functionality Version 6.0.1
DTMU Guidance Documentation
A Rough Guide to NDTMS Version 4.0
A Guide to NDTMS Data Collection 2007 Version 1.0
Core Data Set Training - DTMU Presentation CDS-F CDS-G
Data Quality Strategy 2011/12 Version 0.1

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