File Upload Portal (DAMS)

The NTA has developed the National Drug Treatment Monitoring System (NDTMS) File Upload Portal (FUP).
This system is also known as the Drug and Alcohol Management System (DAMS).

  • DAMS is a secure server accessed via the internet.
  • DAMS is a secure method for transferring monthly NDTMS submissions electronically from treatment providers to DTMU.
  • DAMS validates the file with the same rules as the NTA central database.
  • DAMS provides immediate feedback on errors, warnings and information messages for the file.
  • The DTMU will provide training and support to all agencies across the South East Region.

Access to DAMS is controlled by DTMU. Please contact Sue Dales to discuss gaining access.

NTA Documentation
NDTMS DAMS Agency User Guide
NDTMS DAMS Minimum Environment Criteria
NDTMS DAMS Conditions of Use
NDTMS Verification Rules

If you have any technical queries regarding NDTMS, email us or phone 01865 334725.

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