Drug Intervention Records (DIR)

The Home Office commissioned the DTMU to start processing Drug Intervention Records (DIR) forms on behalf of the 16 non-intensive Drug Action Teams (DATs) and 32 Prisons in the South East region on 1st May 2005.

The DIR replaced the Arrest Referral forms.

All completed DIRs, Initial Contact and Activity forms are to be sent by the 10th of each calendar month to the DTMU at the following address:

Drug Treatment Monitoring Unit,
4150 Chancellor Court,
Oxford Business Park South,
Oxford, OX4 2GX.

Rough Guide to DIR This document provides information about DIR that supports DIP Teams, DAATs and Prisons in the submission of DIR forms to the DTMU.
Activity Forms: The Basics This document provides basic information about completing the DIR Activity Forms.
DIR - Field by Field Guidance This document provides full field by field guidance for completing the new DIR forms that have been introduced from April 2009.
DIR - Training for Prison: Frequently Asked Questions This document provides answers to some frequently asked questions regarding Prison DIR forms that have been introduced from April 2009.
Initial Contact Form Guidance
(version 2.0)
This document states the purpose of the Initial Contact form, explaining when and how to use it.
Prison, CSP and DAT Codes
(January 2008)
This document provides a list of all the Prison, CSP and DAT codes.
Note: South East DAT codes begin with 'J'.
DIR Process Map
(version 0.8)
DIPMIS Presentation
(March 2008)
Regional Data Events 2008 Dashboards Presentation
(March 2008)
Regional Data Events 2008 KPIs Presentation
(March 2008)
DIP Engagement Toolkit
(February 2009)
The NTA have developed a DIP Engagement Into Treatment Toolkit for DAATs to use locally to understand how they can interrogate local NDTMS and DIR data to establish why there may be issues with the recording of DIP clients engaging into Tier 3 treatment.
Drug Interventions Programme in the South East 2007/08 Report
(May 2009)
This report presents data from the Drugs Intervention Programme (DIP) and provides the reader with an overview of clients in the South East who engage with DIP in prison and those that engage with DIP in the community.

If you are about to or have run out of forms, please either email us or phone 01865 334725.

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