Data Entry Tool (DET)

The National Drug Treatment Monitoring System (NDTMS) Data Entry Tool (DET) allows drug treatment agencies to capture essential client information and then extract this data in a file format that can be submitted to the SE NDTMS regional offices using the File Upload Portal (FUP).

  • DET is aimed at agencies currently using spreadsheets.
  • DET is NOT a clinical system
  • DET should be considered an interim solution until IT investment is realistic for agency/DAAT
  • DET was first rolled out to South East agencies in June/July 2006, following testing and piloting by the NTA in London
  • Current system should continue to be used until the DET is received
  • DTMU will work with you to support data migration and process of implementing the tool.
NTA Documentation
NDTMS Data Entry Tool Agency User Guide
NDTMS Data Entry Tool Validation Rules
NDTMS Data Entry Tool Minimum Environment Criteria
NDTMS Data Entry Tool Conditions of Use

If you have any technical queries regarding NDTMS, email us or phone 01865 334725.

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